At Redline we can cover all aspects of repairs to your Seven, whether mechanical, bodywork or upgrade.


Redline founder Peter Cooper, was responsible for the original development of the 1700 Super Sprint Engine  and  its inclusion in Caterhams model line up, when introduced in the early 1980's. Peter retired a few years ago, but he was not to leave without handling the mantle to John Payne, who in 20+ years of working with Peter, has just a small amount of expertise on the Crossflow engine has rubbed off on him. There are few other companies who can claim such a degree of expertise with the Super Sprint Crossflow so it you have one, you know where to bring it!

Redline are also very happy to perform mechanical repairs to Lotus Twincam, Cosworth and the more recent Vauxhall Duratec and K-Series powered Sevens.


We will manage entire repairs including chassis repairs from our premises in Caterham including shipping badly damaged chassis units back to Arch Motors for repair if required.

We are able to carry our minor body repairs in house, and can arrange for paintwork etc. to factory standard as required.